Lodge St. Andrew Kilmarnock No. 126

Travelling Mallet

"To Gain Masonic Lustre..."




"The Travelling Mallet"

Capture Number 1

Lodge St. Andrew No. 126 captured the" Travelling Mallet" of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Ayrshire on Tuesday 2nd November 2004. On that occasion nineteen "wheel kent" faces from among the brethren, headed by R.W.M. S. Paterson, were successful in capturing the Travelling Mallet under the conditions laid down by the PGLA. The Travelling Mallet was in the safekeeping of Lodge Burns St. Mary No. 505 and had been for a number of weeks. The Travelling Mallet was subject to two claims on the evening as Lodge Royal Blues No. 399 were also in attendance with ten brethren. However the largest deputation was declared successful on the night. Lodge St. Andrew becomes the first to have the Travelling Mallet under the care of two R.W.M's. The final meeting before the Annual Installation and first after R.W.M. J. Blyth installation saw no lodge lay claim to it.

The Travelling Mallet was carved from pine rescued from Darvel Primary School by Elijah Beattie P.M. Thistle Stewarton No.127, Honorary Member St. Andrew Kilmarnock No.126, Darvel No.971 and Honorary Grand Junior Deacon. The Provincial Grand Lodge of Ayrshire initially presented it to St. John Maybole No.11, the oldest lodge in the province, to begin the journey.

The Travelling Mallet left St. Andrew 126 on 2nd March 2005. A deputation from Irvine St. Andrew No. 149 arrived at our regular meeting, witnessed an E.A. Degree, and ultimately laid their claim following the conclusion of the degree. R.W.M. J. Masson accompanied by fourteen worthy brethren of the lodge and a worthy interloper from Stivenstoune Thistle and Rose were delighted with the night's work and the result of their labours. The tinge of sadness attached to it leaving us is warmed by another St. Andrew lodge taking it into their safekeeping....

Capture Number 2

The Travelling Mallet returned to our safekeeping on Thursday 13th November 2007 following a visit to Lodge Troon Navigation No.86. Its stay was short with us on this occasion as R.W.M. Bro. C. Hamilton surrendered it on the 19th December. A large deputation from Lodge St. Maurs Kilmaurs No.1398 headed by R.W.M. Quinton Fulton deservedly left with it safely ensconced (with a fuller bag of money) among their brethren.

Capture Number 3

The third capture of the mallet by 126 was a speedy return to us on the 23rd January 2008 having spent just over a month at St. Maurs No.1398. An early committee meeting and a short trip out of town by twelve of our brethren meant that R.W.M. Bro. C. Hamilton became the first Lodge St. Andrew R.W.M. to twice capture the Travelling Mallet. The Mallet left on its travels again on 13th February 2008. Lodge Burns Dundonald No.1759 is its next temporary home, R.W.M. S. Mack heading a deputation to capture it. It was fine night for it to leave us, in retrospect, as it was our P.G.L.A. Annual Visitation.

A New Chapter

As a fiting tribute to the end of an excellent three years in office R.W.M. Andrew Hamilton lead a strong delegation of twenty one brothers, nineteen from Lodge St. Andrew 126, to Lodge Tarbolton (Kilwinning) St. James 135, to capture the Travelling Mallet. This took place on Friday 18th of October 2013. It was a fitting act for a strong leader of our mother lodge and he leaves a fine exapmle to our Master Elect Ross Gibson.

Capture of the Travelling Mallet
Travelling Mallet
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